Suzuki GN 400 Café Racer / Brat-Style by StryfeS13

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03/19/2017 admin
Hello riders! This time we have something fresh for the blog! A customized Suzuki GN 400 Café Racer / Brat-Style by StryfeS13
Suzuki GN 400 Cafe Racer/ Brat-Style by StryfeS13

Suzuki GN 400 Cafe Racer/ Brat-Style by StryfeS13

Just recently I was looking for something, whereby I (luckily) was stumbeling over
StryfeS13 his video series and how is going to convert his 1981  Suzuki GN 400 into a ” Cafe Racer / Brat-Style” custom bike. He casted his journey from day 1 and separated all his content over 4 videos.

Before I start talking to much detailes, you should rather check it out yourself…

#Part 1
The first video is showing his bike already in a stripped way. He is also going to talk about his plans…

#Part 2
Describes how he is actually going to cut the tail frame section off to prepare for next steps…

#Part 3
In part 3 does the bike already look totally different, but find our more in his video!

#Part 4
Part4, final and last video of his series.

Well done mate, awesome job you did there! It turned out to a great custom build Suzuki GN 400 Cafe Racer / Brat-Style! If you liked what you saw, why not starting your own journey?


Thinkg of turning your Suzuki GN 400 or any other motorcycle into a Cafe Racer? Have a look on this list!


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