Suzuki GN 125 Café Racer by Felipe Saldarriaga

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01/05/2022 admin

Suzuki Gn 125 cafe racer by Felipe Saldarriaga

Hello riders! This time we have another Suzuki GN 125 Café Racer! This bike belongs to Felipe Saldarriaga and he is part of our awesome page on facebook.

Suzuki Gn 125 cafe racer-back by Felipe Saldarriaga

Considering customizing your motorcycle into a Cafe Racer? Take a look on this!

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Suzuki Gn 125 cafe racer-front by Felipe Saldarriaga

What I also found awesome about this Suzuki GN 125 Cafe Racer is its technology! The combination of an old classic Cafe Racer with the modern technology is wonderful.

Suzuki Gn 125 cafe racer-rear by Felipe Saldarriaga

Suzuki Gn 125 cafe racer-side by Felipe Saldarriaga

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  1. Daniel Holmes

    What size tires are they ? I’m am amazed how beautiful it is and doing the same to my gn in weeks to come 🙂

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