`89 Suzuki GN 400 Custom Bike by Dan Naylor

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04/22/2017 admin

Dans GN400 5

Awesome Suzuki GN400 project we got here, acutally it wasn’t Dan’s intension at all to built this bike, but however he didn’t really had a choice.

“It all started a year ago with a Bet.” 

…was he telling The Bike Shed. The whole project cost him 6 month of his life time.
It took him two days to already find his base where he could built on.
For a total of 150 british pound could he manage to grab a 12 years old Suzuki GN 400 which was built in the `89…

Dans GN400 6

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Dans GN400 4

Despite the age, he was successful and converted the ugly ’81 Suzuki GN400 into an object of interest.

Dans GN400 3

Dan started stripping the bike and cutting away the parts that did not meet his approval. “I’ve always liked the tracker/brat style clean and simple look.” The stance was the first element to get right, he internally lowered the forks and dropped them through the yokes, he fabricated the rear seat hoop and relocated the the top and bottom rear shock mounts.


Dans GN400 2


Dans GN400 1


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Pictures by thebikeshed.cc

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